Keerweder was the first farm to be allotted to a European in the Franschhoek Valley during the administration of the Dutch East India Company; the V.O.C. In 1692 Simon van der Stel granted it to Heinrich Muller who came from Basle in Switzerland. The farm was 60 morgen in extent. When the Huguenots settled in the area in 1694, Keerweder had already been cultivated. In 1946 the farm was sold to Pieter Siebrits. Today, the Managing Director of Keerweder is Andries Siebrits, son of Pieter Siebrits.

The origin of the farm.

In bygone times the high mountains surrounding Franschhoek were an insurmountable obstacles for travelers. They could not pass over these mountains and had to turn back. (In Dutch ‘turn back’ as ‘keeren weder’.)


Each year a limited amount of wine is released for distribution worldwide.

Wine Description.

A uniquely blended Pinotage Cabernet of strong plum character, with berry like quality introduced by the Cabernet. A wine that will mature in years to come.


Orders can not be guaranteed as limited quantities are available
Note : We do not sell single bottles or half cases.
Each case contains 12 bottles of wine.


Note: Minimum order 1 case : 12 bottles.
630.00 per case ex farm. Excludes CIF costs.


Keeweder produces 8 varieties of export plums which are shipped to Europe. Keerweder has been approved as an ethical farm by the major supermarkets in Britain and Europe for whom the plums are expressly packed.


Worldwide : Insurance, Freight and documentation charges
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